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I help high-level career women lose weight once and for all so they perform at the top of their game in all areas of their lives.

Your lifestyle is demanding and depleting. You are likely juggling many roles including mother, caregiver to elderly parents, homemaker, and sometimes breadwinner. 

Weight, stress, and health issues are creeping up on you. And you just don’t have the time to take care of yourself because you’re taking care of everything and everyone else.

At the expense of putting your own well-being on the backburner.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

It’s time to put yourself first and implement a self-care plan. You deserve a healthy work/life balance and I can help you reclaim your vitality so you live a vibrant life NOW and in the future.

My holistic 1-to-1coaching program will empower you to achieve your weight loss goals so that you feel leaner, fitter, sexier, younger, and happier in all areas of your life.

Together, we will explore challenges specific to you and create a customized plan with easy, doable steps so you can take control of your health by prioritizing nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle habits so that you can live a focused and energized life.

You will become the QUEEN of your life and well-being.

Welcome Beautiful Queens!

I’m Jenny Bailey, a Certified Health Coach specializing in weight loss for the busy executive woman who takes care of everyone and everything in their life except their own self-care. I use evidence-based health protocols that empower you to take charge of your health so you can:

  • Prevent disease and unhealthy aging.
  • Boost energy levels, reduce stress, sleep better, and think sharper.
  • Decrease pain and inflammation.
  • Become fit, flexible, and strong.
  • Lose weight the right way-no dieting, counting calories, or giving up delicious food.

Living a vibrant life is your birthright!

So let’s begin by throwing yourself a coronation party! 

It’s time to reclaim your health and sit proudly on your throne with a sparkling crown on your head. 

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Are you tired of fad diets that don't work?

So WAS I, and that’s why I created this FREE 4-Day Slim Down Plan! In this plan, you get everything you need to shed pounds fast without counting calories, macros, or points.

Do you want to ditch diets and lose weight the sustainable way?

If you’re done with the cycle of losing, gaining, losing, gaining, and want to lose weight and keep it off, then let’s talk about how I can help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

Do you want to feel more alive, energetic, and productive?

This 7-Day Energy Reboot will kickstart your weight loss by removing the toxins from your body. You will have more energy, better-looking skin, and improved mental clarity, in just one week.

Don't know where to start on your health journey?

This free 45-minute session provides a safe, confidential setting to uncover some of the things that may be getting in the way of achieving your weight loss goals.

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